Friday, March 23, 2012

Rose Tutorial (Part 2)

Wow...who knew there was a limit on how long these blot posts can be? Well, after asking my son to make sure this WAS the only solution is just to do this tutorial in two is part two!!

After you have rolled up your rose die, decide how tight and/or loose you want your flower to be.  You will be applying glue to the bottom round portion of the die (the part you didn't roll up!) You can use a variety of adhesives for this, but I think that hot glue is probably the best. It's sets immediately, and for these flowers, that's what you want.

Once your flower is all glued down, take either your fingers or the handle of a small paintbrush and curl the petals so that the rose has a more natural shape.
The only thing left to do now is decide how you want to display it! I used another Spellbinders die (foliage) and cut some leaves out of a sheet of vintage paper. Decide how you want them placed and just glue them down. Depending on the paper you use, these flowers can take on any look you desire. They are really beautiful! So...if you are just starting your Spellbinders collection, or if you have been collecting for awhile, but don't yet have these flowers, this is a die that you will use over and over and over again! I hope this tutorial has been sure has been a learning experience for me!!! See you soon!!

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