Sunday, April 29, 2012

Abigail Elisabeth Anne Lingle

I'm so sorry that my "brand new " blog has been so inactive as of late, but there have been some very important things going on in my life and the life of my family.  I needed to take some (ahem...that's MOST) of my extra time and focus on this very important thing.  Actually, the "thing" was a person, my brand new little granddaughter Abigail, who decided to finally join the family last Friday!  Let me tell you, I thought that Abigail's mother (my daughter Dina was the most gorgeous baby ever, but I think that Abigail has her beat, by a hair (actually by LOTS and LOTS of hair!) I want to thank my daughter Dina and her husband Tim, for allowing me to take part in this wonderful experience and be there as Abigail made her appearance!
Well, since a picture is worth a thousand words,,,,,well...YOU know the saying!

All cleaned up and looking cute as a button, here is my beautiful little sweet pea.  Perfect in every way, she was surrounded by the family who love her - and by her mom and dad, both totally awestruck and just what a marvelous work God has done! all of us in the Schaefer/Lingle clan, she was very anxious to make herself understood...

I am so proud of my daughter - 30 hours of labor, and she was a real star! ...and Abigail's daddy has turned out to be an unbelievable natural at this baby thing. I love to sit and watch her face as she listens to him talk...I sense a daddy's girl in the making! all my friends who kept Dina, Tim and the baby in prayer....thank you so much! We serve a loving Father who delights in giving us wonderful gifts - and Abigail is the best gift EVER!!!
Well- now the fun begins......the rollercoaster ride of life!  Come on's going to be FUN!!!!
God Bless!!!

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